Questions to Ask Before Installing a Roof Hatch

Must-Know Tips about Roof Hatches

If you’re considering a roof hatch, there are lots to know before making a decision. Here’s some information to help you decide if you need a roof hatch for your home or building.

How Will a Roof Hatch Affect the Energy Efficiency of My Building?

The right roof hatch will have a positive effect on your energy efficiency. We use the industry’s best installation practices to ensure that your roof hatch is installed correctly. Additionally, our roof hatches are made with UV filters to ensure that only the best light reaches the interior of your building.

What’s the Size of a Roof Hatch?

If your hatch is used for personal access small or single-cover models are sufficient. However, industry standards are:
– 30 by 96 inches for service stair
– 30 by 54 inches for ship-stair
– 36 by 30 inches for ladder

Now, the hatch size will also be dependent on whether or not it is used for men’s access or equipment access. If it’s for men’s access, you need to know where the ladder is located. For ladder safety, the ladder should be extended 42 inches above the landing. 

Is it a Metal Building Roof or Conventional Roof?

Another factor to consider is the type of building the roof hatch is going to be installed on. Metal roofs are different from conventional roofs. They require different sealing and equipment to properly install. You’ll need to work with a professional to ensure you’re picking out the right roof hatch based on the type of roof you have.

What Type of Roof Hatches Are Available?

Roof Hatches come in several different types. These include standard hatches, which are square or slightly rectangular and come in between 4 and 16 square feet. Stairway hatches are also rectangular and provide access through a stairway. Equipment hatches are much larger and often have double doors between 20 to 80 square feet.

Get More Information

Learn more about your roof hatch options from the Custom Curb team. We offer roof hatches of a variety of sizes. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you make the best decision.

Custom Curbs Available Options

Everything you need to know about custom curbs

Custom Curb solutions for your roof

Are you on the search for a high-quality, reasonably priced roof curb manufacturer? We can help. Regardless of the type of metal roof you have, our custom fabrication process ensures that you get the right option for your roof.

Standardized Custom Curb Options

At Custom Curb, we offer a variety of standardized custom curb options to choose from. These options include:

  • 14 and 18 Gauge Galvanized Construction
  • Powder Coat Finish
  • Special Heights
  • Damper Shelf
  • Mastic
  • Butyl Sealant
  • Premium Fasteners
  • Subframing

Our company prides itself on designing the absolute best custom curb systems. This standardized list of options ensures you get the perfect custom curb for your needs. You can also inquire with our team to learn more about our available options.

What To Expect From Our Custom Curbs

Our designs are insulated and energy efficient to help you save money on your energy bill. You can get custom curbs for metal or conventional roof types with us. Our standard curbs are made of .080 aluminum, but we can also fabricate them from stainless steel, galvanized steel, and copper.
Good design and proper installation is the key to ensuring that your roof curbs integrate into your existing roof system and to prevent leaks. We offer both solutions. Additionally, our services come with a 10-year warranty, giving you peace of mind about your roof.

Ready to get started? Explore your options by contacting our team today.

Fabricated custom curb to your metal roof curbs and specs

Benefits of a Fabricated Custom Curb for Your Metal Roof

Why you need fabricated custom curbs for your metal roof

If you have a metal roof, you face unique requirements when adding an accessory or add-on. The type of material you’ve installed, its age, and any equipment on your roof make a difference in how you approach adding metal roof curbs.
This is why you should consider fabricated custom curbs to match your metal roof curbs and specs. Here are a few other benefits of fabricated customized curbs.

More Durable

You want your roof to last, so you should consider custom fabrication. Custom roof curbs provide the protection your roof needs to last for years. When they match your roof specifications perfectly, you get the most bang for your buck.

Enhances Efficiency

Metal is one of the most energy-efficient roofing materials, and using it on your custom curbs enhances this efficiency. Additionally, custom fabricating these curbs provides another layer of energy efficiency by supporting the roof and ensuring it stays weather resistant.

Versatile in Style

When you choose to use custom fabricated custom curbs for your roof, you can get them to match any style you desire, and they will be built for your metal roof instead of being standardized.

How Custom Curb Can Help

At Custom Curb, we make our curbs to fit your exact specifications. Our goal is to provide a completely customized product that matches your metal roof’s unique needs.

Ready to get started with your fabricated custom curbs? Contact us! We’ll provide you with a quote to match your roof’s needs.

Custom and standard skylights for metal buildings

What you should know about skylights for your metal building

Metal skylight basics

Skylights are a great addition to any building, including metal buildings! At Custom Curb, we specialize in all things roofing, including skylights for metal buildings.
If you’re thinking about adding a skylight to your building, consider the following.

Types of Skylights

The most common types of skylights you’ll find for metal buildings are:
· Fixed
· Ventilated
· Tubular
· Curb-Mounted
Other, less common types of skylights include:
· Ridge
· Pyramid
· Dome
· Barrel
Each of these is designed for specific types of buildings and roofing systems.

Custom Skylights

Transform your metal building with a customized skylight. Customized skylights are made with the exact specifications of your roof in mind, and they do require a bit more planning to execute correctly, however. Whether you want to add more natural light to your building to cut energy costs or simply are looking to add a design feature to your building, a custom skylight could be the right solution for you.
Are you interested in a skylight for your metal building? We can help!

Standard fabrication specifications:

  • 080 Aluminum
  • Unlimited sizes available
  • All welded construction
  • Curbs available in any configuration

Contact us to learn more about your pricing options and whether a standard or customized skylight suits you.