Misconceptions about metal roof leaks

Is your metal roof leaking? You might think it’s normal for a metal roof to leak, but we can assure you IT IS NOT!

The good news is that we know why your roof is leaking and how to fix it! Most people will assume that all metal roofs leak naturally because of how the products are designed.

However, well-made, metal roofing products should not be leaking. Instead, metal roofing products should be designed to prevent leaks, maintain storm runoff, and keep your property insulated. West coast weather is unpredictable at best, which means you need the highest quality products to keep your property in top-notch condition.

Why is my metal roof leaking?
Your metal roof might be leaking because it was installed using outdated techniques. But the more likely culprit is a poorly designed roof element, such as a skylight, vent, or wall louver. When these penetrative roof elements contain low-cost and low-quality materials, they are more likely to leak!

Luckily, we know how to fix your leaky metal roof. Because the roof leak likely comes from a penetration point, it’s easy to remedy or replace. However, it is critical to remember that leaks sometimes occur because the roof has metal accessories that do not fit the existing infrastructure. These are called prefabricated accessories, and while they may seem a better option for their low price, such elements often have adverse side effects.

We pride ourselves on creating and installing custom, metal roofing accessories, which will help you avoid a leaky roof. While a custom accessory might be more expensive upfront, it will help you save money in the long run.

If you’re curious about our custom products, check out our website to view our complete product line.

 5 questions to ask when searching for a metal building-accessory fabrication company

Are you looking for metal, roof building accessories? Are you struggling to find quality aluminum roof curbs?

We’ve been in business for over 25 years. So, if you’re looking for metal building accessories, we can help you get the best quality products in the Western United States. However, before you start searching for products and providers, there are five things you should ask to ensure you get the best quality roof features.

A well-made, metal roof accessory should prevent leaks, protect your property from storm runoff, be insulated for energy efficiency, and fit with your existing roof infrastructure. So, what should you ask when shopping for metal roofing products?

While there are plenty of questions you can ask a metal building-accessory provider, we know five questions you can request that will get you the information you need and help you find the best team to hire for the job.

1. Where are your metal roofing products made?
Many overseas companies create excellent, metal roofing products. However, we recommend accessories made closer to home. We have served the Western United States region for many years, allowing us to refine our expertise and get to know the needs of our customers from design to installation.

2. How long will it take to install your products?
While construction products can vary in length, always ask your metal roofing provider how long, on average, their products take to design and install. It’s always better to ask this question upfront to create an accurate building schedule.

3. Are your products customizable?
When designing buildings, architects always want to create a project that is considerate of design. They are always looking for manufacturers that can customize the product according to the delivery characteristics.

We pride ourselves on customizing our metal roofing products. A custom-made, metal roofing element will allow us to fit within any existing infrastructure andto choose custom material for our products.

4. Will you follow up after I purchase?
You never want a company to cut and run after installing a construction element. Ask your provider whether they will install your product and assist you with every step. If something goes wrong with your product, you’ll want to ensure that your provider is available to help.

5. How old is your company?
As we mentioned, we’ve been in business for over 25 years. As a business with a long history, we know that a proven track record speaks for the quality of products and the type of business that makes them.

Want to know more about custom, metal building-accessory fabrication?

Planning for Rooftop Curbs: What do you need to know?

Are you thinking about installing rooftop curbs? It’s a good call—they can help save energy, as well as prevent leaks, temperature loss, and airflow loss. But that’s only if they are properly installed and tailored to your building!

Why is a customized curb and professional installation so important? Here’s a few reasons why!

Prevent Leaks

When roof curbs are improperly installed, you can end up with roof leaks. What may start as a small leak with only a few drops of water occasionally can turn into a huge problem quicker than you realize. As the seal weakens, more water will come through, damaging other parts of your building, damaging equipment, and even creating fall hazards for employees.

Save Energy

Just like an improperly installed roof curb can leave gaps for leaks, those gaps can also make it harder to balance the temperature inside. Your HVAC unit will end up working even harder and using even more energy in a struggle to regulate the temp inside due to air escaping through these gaps.

Avoid Air Quality Issues

Whatever industry you work in, there are often harmful byproducts created somewhere in your process, whether it’s gasses, chemicals, or strong smells. When roof curbs are incorrectly installed, real damage can be done to the airflow within your building, making it a potentially dangerous environment for those inside.

With all these factors in mind, along with professional and expert installation, you can have peace of mind that your roof will be secure and lower your energy costs!